Motorola walkie talkie price | Latest price and models

Motorola walkie talkie price | Latest Price

Motorola walkie talkie price in India | Latest price

Motorola walkie talkie price in India starts from INR 20000 and may increase depending on factors such as features, range, durability, battery life, and additional accessories add-ons.

Factors affecting Motorola walkie talkie price

These are the following factors that usually affects the pricing of Motorola walkie talkie worldwide.

1. Models and features

Motorola offers various models of walkie talkie and different features depending on your need. Basic models are designed for short range are more affordable as compare to the models which offers advance features like longer range, secured text messaging, color display, day and night mode, phonebook, number of channels, noise reduction, intelligent audio and many more.

2. Range

Range is one of the most important factor that increases the cost of the two way radios (walkie talkie). Models with longer range are more expensive as compared to the shorter range as they require more advanced technology.

3. Durability

For industries like  construction, manufacturing, or outdoor activities (like for army, navy and air force) , durability is most important as walkie talkie can mistakenly be dropped by the user.  Therefore some walkie talkies are made in such a way that they withstand harsh conditions, including water and dust resistance and generally have rugged body. These walkie talkies are generally priced hire then those who are for regular use.

4. Battery Life

There are some places where adequate electricity is not available and therefore for those places walkie talkies requires more battery life and sometimes need extended battery or extra battery which increases Motorola walkie talkie price.

5. Accessories and Add-ons

Additional accessories such as chargers, headsets, earphones, belt clip, leather cover, dust cover, programming cable and other add to the overall price of the walkie talkie thus increasing the overall price. These accessories can enhance the productivity and overall experience, thus making it worthwhile investment for the future.

Considerations When Purchasing Motorola Walkie Talkies

Factors to be considered when purchasing walkie talkie :- 

1. Budget

Determine your total budget and total number of employee that requires walkie talkie. It’s essential to have a balance between affordability and functionality required and you can get a free quote from Motorola verified distributor in India.

2. Intended Use

Assess your specific communication requirements as per the space in which you require to communicate, including range, durability, and any special features necessary as per your need. Choose a walkie talkie model that aligns with your needs and environment.

3. Long-Term Cost

While upfront costs are very important, consider the long-term cost as well including maintenance cost, battery replacement cost, and potential upgrades required (maybe the site parameter may increase in future). Investing in quality branded walkie talkies with great service support upfront can save you money in the longer run.

4. Reviews and Recommendation

Research user reviews, consult the industry experts, and look for the clients of the distributor from you intend to buy what is their total cost? what is maintenance cost? service time? and many more important things you should look for.